Torben Lyngholm Ullergaard, Lars Boe Lembcke & Atze Hartog established Nordic Fruit A/S in 2008. The company launched on 1 July in premises located in Fjenneslev near Ringsted.


In April, Nordic Fruit A/S moved to Grønttorvet in Valby to get closer to the food service customers. At the same time, Kurt Herskov, formerly of Lembcke, was hired as a salesperson, while Kim René Hansen joined as a purchaser. Prior to joining, Kim was a Country Manager with Nature's Pride. Kim then established the framework for our current and very close collaboration with Nature's Pride.


Nordic Fruit A/S introduced the EAT ME brand in Denmark. In a short time, it created a huge demand, which means we now deliver EAT ME throughout the country.


The new fruit and vegetable market "Copenhagen Markets" was completed, and Nordic Fruit A/S moved to new, large premises in Taastrup, which remains the company's location to this day.


Nordic Fruit A/S initiated a collaboration with DanChurchAid and Danida, which is part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on a project in Uganda. The framework for the project is to establish organic production of various vegetables, mainly sweet potatoes, with exports in mind. This is to help locals and refugees achieve a more dignified life.


In 2018, Nordic Fruit A/S celebrated its 10th anniversary. The event was celebrated by employees, customers and suppliers and, as the culmination of our efforts, the Uganda project was approved by Danida.


In January, Kim René Hansen joined the ownership circle, and in November of the same year Atze Hartog and Lars Boe Lembcke sold their shareholdings to Total Produce Nordic A/S.


We have more than 120 years of experience combined. The team behind Nordic Fruit A/S has extensive experience in everything from purchasing, sales and handling to product development, marketing and distribution.

Nordic Fruit A/S

In Uganda, we are planting social climate trees as part of a CO2-reducing project that can contribute to climate compensation and local development.




Litauen Allé 13, 2033 2630 Taastrup