CO2 compensation

Our project reduces CO2 through planting trees in Uganda and thus helps reduce the effects of climate change.

In addition, our project provides long-term development aid and climate adaptation for the people already affected by climate change.

​Our project contributes to strengthening DanChurchAid's emergency preparedness so that we can provide emergency assistance to people affected by climate disasters. That way, we save lives.

As its first initiative to combat the climate crisis, Nordic Fruit A/S has chosen a collaboration with DanChurchAid to carbon-offset all our flights.

Our CO2 compensation in Uganda has several components:

In addition to absorbing a lot of CO2 from the air, the trees have a number of other benefits that continuously benefit those responsible at local level – and ensure a win-win: ​

The trees create local development and jobs through an increased demand for nurseries and labour for tree planting and care.

​The trees produce fruits and local medicines that are used and sold on an ongoing basis – without inhibiting the growth of the trees.

The trees are planted in areas that have been deforested and are not already in use.

​Planting trees establishes better conditions for the microclimate – their shade means reduced temperature and water consumption, more organic material enters the area and the roots of the trees help retain the soil during extreme weather.

Nordic Fruit A/S

In Uganda, we are planting social climate trees as part of a CO2-reducing project that can contribute to climate compensation and local development.




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